The Time is Right to Invest in Your Future 


Are you looking for help in achieving your career goals, thinking of a career change, found yourself unemployed, been made redundant or maybe just starting out, would you benefit from support on your journey to get to these goals and to give you an edge in the market?
Then look no further, we are one of the West Midlands leading career and employability coaching company working with clients from the private and public sector. Supporting individuals at all levels within organisations, we specialise in supporting you wherever you are on your career or work journey.
We also offer tailored support to individuals who may have difficulty with learning and social skills.
Based on our broad range of expertise our guidance is tailored to you as an individual, aimed at meeting your specific needs and addressing your work and career goals. We specialise in supporting and coaching clients in:
  • Effective CV and Application Preparation
  • Online Recruitment
  • Promoting and Marketing Yourself
  • Networking and Job Searching
  • Interview and Assessment Skills
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Career Mapping and Development
How many sessions will I need?
This will depend on your requirements, but most people find that between 1-3 sessions is sufficient and these can be arranged to suit your plans. You will be matched to one of our Associates who can best meet your needs and you will pay an hourly rate of £70.00.
Have a group of friends or colleagues who would benefit from support?
If so we can provide a group session/s to help?
Based around the Spalding Associates 5P’s - Preparation, Planning, Promotion, Perseverance and Performance we can provide face to face or online interactive sessions of up to 1 hour where you will be guided by our expert team. The sessions ensure that you have clarity of focus, can develop a clear plan and then build your knowledge and skills to enhance your chances of success
This can be followed up with individual 1-1 coaching if required.
​Don't take our word for it...
"We appointed Spalding Associates in August 2019, to enhance our careers offering within the business school, by adding value through tailored employability programmes and 1:1 coaching. The relationship has continued to develop over the last 12 months, with Jan, Marie and the Spalding team being a wonderful enhancement to our careers offering.
During lockdown the Spalding team has been flexible and innovative, by adapting 1:1 coaching sessions and also introducing a webinar series to help students taking the next steps after university. We have had some excellent feedback from students who have participated in the coaching programme and we have really valued having Spalding Associates support over the last 12 months, especially during lockdown."
Emma Neale, Senior Lecturer and Employability Lead for Birmingham City Business School 
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