6 simple tips on how to make friends with your customer over the phone

Good rapport isn’t about ‘making best friends’ with your customer. It means creating a comfortable ‘state’ where all parties converse freely and comfortably. The extra benefit is that it makes the time you spend with your caller more enjoyable.

  1. Open the call with a smile

Believe it, a smile can be heard and a ‘smiling voice’ is more welcoming and relaxing.

2. Start the conversation with a ‘warm up'.

A simple question that will let your caller know you are human!

3. Listen

Avoid distractions and allow yourself to concentrate on your caller and their conversation.

Let the caller know you are listening by responding with gentle and soft ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ as they speak.

Allow the speaker to finish what they are saying – practise this with every call. If you interrupt, your caller could become frustrated.

4. Show empathy with your caller

Empathy can be shown by using phrases such as: ‘I understand what you mean’. ‘I can see where you are coming from’. I understand why you would think that way’.

5. Go off script

If you read a script as part of your job, put your own personality into it so that it sounds as though the words are your words and that you are not reading from a piece of paper.

Use inflection, modulation and pitch to help make the script interesting for the listener. Your caller will thank you for it.

Isn’t it true that we sometimes ‘switch off’ when we hear what sounds like a script being read to us?

6. Be friendly

Use good inflection and modulation in your voice, by showing an interest in your caller’s conversation.

Enjoy your rapport building. It will make your calls more productive and pleasant for both you and your caller.

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